Approve Arabic translations with quality metrics.

I use the industry-standard DQF-MQM Error Typology Template, prepared and provided by TAUS, to weigh the success of an Arabic translation process. (DQF) stands for Dynamic Quality Framework and (MQM) for Multidimensional Quality Metrics. I have been also working with JIRA bug reporting templates based on DQF-MQM for the same end.

Arabic Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA).

The DQF-MQM template allows me as an Arabic reviewer to:
  • Identify errors in English or Arabic text translated automatically and by human translators.
  • Categorize and count Arabic translation errors segment-by-segment using commonly used industry criteria for accuracy, language, terminology, style and country standards.
  • Adapt error categories to suit different MT types and (computer-aided) human translation processes.