Let Arab users identify with your software and/or website.

Conduct trade and provide access to goods, e-learning courses and services to more than 400 million Arabic speakers.

Rest assured that both your standalone and embedded software is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate.

Just send your extracted strings and UI for translation, right-to-left re-alignment and testing.

Arabic Localization

A successful business creates strong relationships with its clients. Arabic localization of your online store involves Arabic translation of your product descriptions, meta data (title, descriptions, image tags, etc.), and other web content to ensure Arab users identify with it. Your website has to display the local currency, as well as relevant tax, shipping and customer service information.

How it works!

Extraction of Resource Files

Strings that have been prepped for localization must be externalized, meaning you will have to save your strings to a translation file. I can translate this file and return back to you for your developers to install into the Arabic version of your software or website.


Source strings must be translated appropriately and within the context of your content. That's why it is a must that I have comprehensive access to the source content.


All translations must be reviewed for accuracy, language quality, terminology, and any other concerns of yours.

Copying Translations into Code Structure

After translations are completed, the translated files will have to be imported into your application and your localized application deployed with the new translations.


Your software or website must be tested for both functional and linguistic acceptability. Layout issues (RTL), display errors, formatting issues, and locale specific settings must be tested before the final publishing of the Arabic localization.